HSG Lebanon

Your Safety Matters!
Glass solutions , bullet proof glass ,
Laminated glass , mirrors and decorative glass .

If you want a reliable source of protection without having to let go of your building’s aesthetics and visual appeal, then bullet-resistant glass would be a great option. HSG provides repair and installation services for bullet-resistant glass options in Lebanon. We make sure that there is no compromise in your building’s safety and security by providing high-quality and durable bullet-resistant glass.

We also provide all glass and installation solutions for buildings, offices, houses and apartments including Safety Glass, Decorative Glass, Showers, Separators etc

We work with all market leaders in glass manufacturing and installation with more than 10 years experience in the field. We can help you identify your security needs and customize a solution that meets your unique requirements. HSG has a solid reputation for ease of installation, project management, prep work and attention to detail.

With the ability to take projects from concept through finished product, HSG adds expertise and value every step of the way. We are competitive on projects ranging from a single location to a nationwide chain.